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Home textiles refer to the fabrics for manufacturing decorative home furnishings. The Indian manufacturers of handicrafts create distinctive home textiles with vibrant motifs and refreshing colors. The Indian home expo international fair presents a worthy collection of these unique home furnishings to the buyers from all over the world. The majority of Indian home furnishings are made of cotton and satin materials.
Bed Linens
In India, the majority of home textiles are used in the making of bedspreads or pillow covers. The colors and designs of different types of bed linens create different vibes for the room. The floral designs create a romantic atmosphere. The geometric patterns add dynamism to the room’s décor. The cartoon-based or toy-based bed-sheet designs speak of innocence. The handmade bed linens usually have embroidered or printed patterns of unique color combinations.
Window Curtains
Cotton, satin, polyester and other synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of window curtains. Such materials protect the interiors color from fading by prevent sunlight or street-lights from entering the rooms. The curtains also provide protection against glares and lend privacy to the homeowners. Lacy, woolen or satin window curtains of vibrant designs are the chief attractions of any handicraft fair. These curtains are ornamented in unique prints or embroideries.

Carpet/Floor Rugs
Floor rugs and carpets constitute a major part of the home textiles products India. The rugs or carpets keep the floors covered and prevent dirt particles or food materials from staining the floors, while adding beauty to the home. A majority of Indian woolen carpets are designed in Kashmir. Their exquisite motifs and vibrant colors add dynamism to the décor of any room.
The hand-knotted jute and coir carpets also become the focus in trade fairs. The coarse texture and pastel shades of these carpets are ideal for the rooms with contemporary interior decoration. These lightweight carpets are available in various sizes and shapes. Hence, these floor-covers can be used in spacious or compact-sized apartments with equal ease. Indian trade fairs bring woolen, jute or coir carpets of unparalleled designs under one roof.

Bathroom Textiles

The shower curtains are necessary to prevent the washroom tiles from staining due to sprinkling of water. The shower curtains are made of plastic-coated textiles of woven or nonwoven fabrics. The bath rugs, towels and bathrobes are made of woven fabrics. The floor mats prevent the water from leaking to the adjacent rooms and are usually made of nonwoven materials. The handicraft suppliers bring a collection of exclusive bathroom textiles to India autumn fair.

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