Thursday, 26 April 2018

Handcrafted Furniture Accessories

It is not hard to find exquisite furniture accessories at Indian trade fairs or expo fairs. EPCH invites thousands of entrepreneurs annually to present exclusive handcrafted accessories for furniture. The Indian artisans manufacture these items out of fabric, stone, metal, wood and a variety of materials. The design of these accessories depends upon the locality, as the craftsmen receive the inspiration from the objects/subjects present around them. The accessories exporters from India bring these unique handcrafted items from different states to Indian housewares fair to present them in front of global buyers.

Cushion & Covers
The cushions, pillows and covers come to the top of the list of handcrafted furniture accessories. The Indian artisans use different types of embroidered and painted motifs to design the covers for cushions, pillows, tables, chairs or sofa. Sometimes, the artisans embroider the cushions. The style or color of embroidery/painting differs from one state to another. The Banjara community use mirrors, beads and colorful satin threads to design vibrant covers. They design these artefacts with geometric patterns in crisscross stitching. The tribal communities of Gujarat decorate the cushion covers or furniture covers with colorful Heer-Bharat/Banni embroidery that includes small pieces of mirrors. The artisans of Jammu and Kashmir are famous for Kashida embroidery filled with rich hues. The artisans of West Bengal use Kantha Stitch to decorate the covers with soothing motifs featuring the rural lives of West Bengal.

Lampshades & Lighting
The handcrafted lamps and lighting artefacts are important for the beautification of the rooms. The Indian furniture accessories show brings these exclusive handcrafted items to the visitors. The deluxe wooden lampshades are carved from the woods of sheesham, sandalwood, walnut or rosewood trees. Many craftsmen use the woods of mango/sal tree to manufacture durable and economic lampshades. The craftsmen also use these woods to design the body of lamps or the frame of hanging lights. These lamps or lighting fixtures may have engraved, inlayed or painted motifs for decoration. The Indian craftsmen also use embroidered or painted leather strips to manufacture lampshades. The jute strings or shells are also used to manufacture lampshades or lighting fixtures of contemporary designs.

Decorative Mirrors
The decorative mirrors are also used as important furniture accessories. The artisans of India’s coastal regions use colored/uncolored shells and conches to manufacture beautiful frames for wall-mirrors. The craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh use Dhokra art to decorate the wall-mirrors. The decorative pieces of wooden or sheets of brass are also used to manufacture the frame. These exquisite accessories are available in Indian trade fairs through Indian handicrafts exporters.

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