Saturday, 24 March 2018

Indian wholesalers of handicrafts

IHGF Home Expo India Fair of Handicrafts Brings Commercial Growth to Exhibitors & Visitors

New Delhi, 24 March 2018: The Home Expo India Fair of handicrafts plays a vital role in structuring India’s economy. It gives the Indian handicrafts manufacturers and Indian suppliers of handicrafts a global exposure that is essential for their growth. The India has skilled artisans and craftsmen in every corner; however, many craftsmen do not get exposure due to lack of communication. There are various handcrafting techniques present in every genre. The craftsmen/craftswomen of India learn these methods from their ancestors. Hence, these handcrafting techniques become the representatives of Indian culture. The Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) trade fair in India gives national and international visitors a chance to explore the opulence of India’s handicraft collection.

Exposure for Manufacturers/Wholesalers
The EPCH gives the Indian wholesalers of handicrafts and manufacturers a chance to build a diversified range of clientele through Indian trade show 2018. This Home Expo India Fair expects to welcome thousands of visitors and follow the trend of successful yesteryears. The IHGF fair gives the novice entrepreneurs of handicraft businesses the opportunity to market their brands in the global arena. It is a profitable event for all sorts of businesses whether it is small or large and EPCH makes it possible. The organizers of IHGF trade fair give every wholesaler, supplier or manufacturer of India an equal opportunity to present the products through methodically arranged kiosks. The organizers even invite vendors from least exposed Indian territories to bring deserved recognition to their handcrafted products.

Exposure for Visitors
It is hard for the aficionados of Indian handicraft items to explore all sorts of products at once due to the immenseness of handicraft techniques. The EPCH organizes IHGF fair to free the connoisseurs of Indian household handicraft products accessories from this limitation. This fair welcomes the volume foreign buyers and the volume retail buyers of India to explore the versatility of handcrafted products with the help of more than 2750 exhibitors. The collection of decorative, furnishing and utilitarian items can amaze any individual attending this fair. The commercial visitors can use this opportunity to expand their business horizon and to introduce new products to their customers. The IHGF fair is a platform for commercial development for both the exhibitors and visitors of autumn fair.

To inquire about IHGF fair in 2018, please visit Export Promotion Services & Supporting Council for the Handicrafts

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