Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Top handicrafts exporters from india : EPCH

Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair to Increase Awareness and Promote Trade

Indian handicrafts and gifts fair is a government of India endeavor to promote indigenous products in both the local and international markets. EPCH works in collaboration with the government for various promotion and developmental activities. The organization of fairs is also part of this strategy. This is a significant B2B event and a distinct platform for sourcing in Asia. Everything happens on a gala scale with more than 2400 exhibitors and a huge venue of 150,000 m² or more. The aim is to provide Indian crafts the maximum publicity to increase its acceptance in the worldwide markets.
Here the advantages are inherent for everyone involved right from the buyers to the craftspeople preparing these items. Buyers will have an unimaginable range of choices under a single roof where they can get everything such as home, fashion, and lifestyle items, artistic traditional finishes, contemporary colors, and modern designs. Here, they will be able to get everything they need directly from the people that make them. Similarly, the artisans can display the products right in the front of the buyers and make profits right away.

In this regard, the Indian handicrafts and gifts fair is a good platform that brings the artisans and their buyers together turning this into a prominent transactional event where everyone concerned benefit in some way. Products are well segmented into groups where the focus might be different based upon the type of the evening. For example, one can huge choices related to home furnishings and decor items among others such as lighting, textiles, carpets, toys, gifts, accessories and more. Such events promote the growth of indigenous handicrafts sectors adding to its importance.
More the number of countries participate in the event more becomes the success rate. Big lineup of exhibitors spread across whole of India come together to exhibit their products line. The beauty and the specialty of the fair is, the product lines on display offer huge variety and high quality. For the buyers, this means that they have product selections that meet their budget. This holds true for low-end/mass consumers, middle and high-end buyers. Everyone will have equal range of choices and here lies the beauty of such events.

The fantastic product line up is unique because everything is handcrafted to perfection. Machine use when present is only for the finishing purposes. There is everything that you might need to turn your house into a home and leave your personal print on all the related areas. Indian handicrafts and gifts fair give you a chance to furnish your own home or help someone else do the same. Incomparable gifting items are present when each one is personalized and unique in every way.
You will fall in love with the fashion jewelry, accessories, festive, Christmas decor, decorative items for gardens, handmade paper items, potpourri, incense, and handmade candles, cases, and leather bags. To make these products, the artisans make the full use of raw material bases such as metal, wood, bamboo, textile, cane, and natural fibers.

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