Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Handicraft Houseware Products with Epch.in

Zardozi is one of the optimum traditions of embroidery on the globe, with a history that spreads through Persia, India and Central Asia. The art of Zardozi was practiced entirely for royalties in the past, especially the Even victorian and Mughal royal households. However; the art has gained
huge popularity and momentum with its modern-day enthusiasts and Zardozi builders have Shifted their hallmark products to textiles from scabbards and miscellaneous noble household articles. The embellishment work using golden bond work is vastly applied by the textile industry for making royal robes, sherwanis and bride attires these days. The original embroidery of zari is called Kalabatun which consists of use of beads and requires a special kind of needle known as muthia, similar to a crochet needle. Suppliers of zardozi handicrafts materializes their exuberant imaginations on purple velvet, satin and heavy man made fiber  bases with lustrous Material wires, which has substituted  the older silver line coated with gold, man made fiber threads, beads and gallstones. Zardozi crafts that represent regence are still high in demand and resource.

EPCH Spring fairs Delhi bring together a extensive range of gifts that ranges from ornamental boxes, woodwork, figurines, Miniature models, bronze figures, metal ware, mirrors, murals, tribal masks, pen holders etc. The list can go on and on because, many individuals and independent wholesalers of handicrafts start their business with smaller articles like gifts to improve their reputation and profits. Being a manufacturer of handicraft gifts or smaller articles is also a risk free option for sellers.

Interior design Designer homes are the epitome of personalization. And what better way than traditional Household products and accessories to add that splash of culture and history to one’s lifestyle. With bamboo handicraft and mud houses popping out of concrete jungles each day, architects and interior Designers are turning to traditional rock, shell and wooden DIY home decor to fill out those living spaces with art that would inspire them each day. Traditional handicrafts and accessories also makes up the list of souvenirs tourists want to take with them.

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